VICTORIA HYDE LONDON is a British Brand for the young and the young at heart.It is a range of beautiful, fresh and innovative products which build to a lifestyle of fun, appreciation of beauty and confidence in your choices. It is the secret collection that you have been dreaming of but never found. Imagine if you will, a London Square; a panoply of London nature; trees, flowers, shrubs with bees and birds going about their business. VICTORIA HYDE LONDON tries to capture this essence in the product range .

Our customer is busy, excited, daring, hardworking, enthused by experiences, confident in confidence in what can be achieved but takes time out to enjoy the benefits that Mother Nature can provide to a sometimes stressful lifestyle.

Open your heart! Everyone can learn the secret of VICTORIA HYDE LONDON.

Don't dream it. Wear it!

An area of quiet contemplation and relaxation but in its own way reflective of the busy life of London. A piece of nature in an urban sprawl.